Excel Importer Header Mismatch

Hi, I have created a template for excel import using ExcelImporter Module available in App Store. The template is having 13 columns(0-12). When this template is used to import a file having more fields and with different column names from that of the configured template, it’s accepted by ‘StartImportByTemplate’ JavaAction. The problem occurs because, the first column configured is Loan Number (type: integer,  mapped with one attribute in the import object entity). The import file contains Batch ID as first column of type integer and it’s accepted by the java action. At the end of this processing Loan Number contains Batch ID mentioned in the import file. This is a negative scenario tested where the code failed. So the question here is, if the Headers in the import file are different from that of template, then will this file still be accepted by the JavaAction?  I am bit surprised since the column names in the import file as well as order are different from the columns in the template. Can anyone suggest if there is anything wrong in my configuration or this is the expected behavior? Thanks!
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Hi Soumya,

Yes you are correct, this behavior is to be expected.

The Import action does not look at column headers, only column position in the template and imported file.

In your example, if the first column in the defined template is “Loan number” but in the imported file the first column is “Batch ID”, the import action will put the batch id’s in the object’s loan number attribute. In other words: column order is what matters.



Could you please formulate the example a bit more detailed? I am not sure if I understand you’re issue correctly.