CSV Import Error

I am trying to use the CSV Module from the appstore to import a file with Base64 encoded images (pictures).  The file looks like this: "4179","14811-101-50",4804,"/9j/4SP+RXhpZgAASUkqAAgAAAAJAA8BAgAGAAAAegAAABABAgAVAAAAgAAAABIBAwABAAAAAQAAABoBBQABAAAAoAAAAJAHAAQAAAAwMjIwA5ACABQAAAA+AgAABJACABQAAABSAgAAAZEHAAQAAAABAgMAApEFAAEAAABuAwAAAZIK......j8J3P7PfhXUPBtjFZ6PPNehhcOpQdSTXp3PPxNSfOow27mX+26njD9nf9nqGfw/rOpazcTX4S6xbxtw4IY8jPPPc9K8N/Zi+Mfj34u+Brfw" Note that I have truncated the Base64 content, the full file can be downloaded here The configuration looks like this: When I run this configuration against my queue (with 1 file in it), I get the following: Any pointers from experienced CSV module users?  
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Could there be an issue with the size of the string? Have you tried importing the truncated version of the data, that you posted here?