UnitTesting in Mendix studio Pro 8.0.0

Hi everyone, I am currently following the courses for the advanced developer track, and I have arrived at the Quality Control and Testing module. The resource offers a package that is made in Studio Pro 8.0.0 and can therefor not be opened in earlier versions. The Unit Testing module, however, cannot be downloaded because it was created with Mendix Studio Pro 7.0.2 and can only be opened in versions 7.23.x. How should I incorporate the Unit Testing module in my project?
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Hi Femke,

create a new project in 7.0.2, and import the module.

Then you close the project, open 7.23.x and open the project from disk. It will ask if you want to convert/upgrade. Do so.

Take the same steps to go to 8.x.x

Now you can export the module and import it in your project.


In addition to the previous comment, the Unit Testing module has Platform Support so you can also raise a support ticket directly with Mendix. 

Hopefully this is on their roadmap to fix soon.