Share company appstore content with specific usergroup

Is it possible to only share appstore content with a specified group within the company? We don't want to share the content with all the company members. I don't see any option to do this. Or am I missing something? If this is not possible, what are the other options we have? Any best practises for this? 
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@Sander; We are working on an iteration of the current available private app store feature which should facilitate in the mentioned use case. We expect to be able to deliver it this month. Will keep you posted when this feature drops and is available.

@Andreas; I shared the same reply in your initial topic ( as I feel this same solution should at least allow you to provide access to private company content to devs outside your organisation.



This is not possible. it’s also not possible to share company appstore content with a specific user outside your company. That would be very usefull as well. But there is already an idea in the idea forum.



Hi Franklin, 

I can see that there are changes to the appstore which are launched with 8.3. We know have flexible user groups which is nice. But are this the changes you were reffering to in your last post? If so, then this does not completely cover my question. Because still everyone within the company can so the appstore items. I want to specify a specific user group that can see the content. This should be persons form the company but also external downloaders. 

Can you give any update on this? Is this planned? 


Hi Sander,

Apologies for my belated reply!

The features introduced in the 8.3 release were indeed the adjustments I mentioned in my earlier reply. At this moment in time we won't be making any additional changes to the visibility of the content. 

Is the current feature set, as laid out over at , not sufficient for your use case?


Hi Franklin, unfortunately not. I need to specify a small group of company user that will be able to see the company appstore content. 

This is the case: at this moment i'm working for an educational institution with 3000 employees and 35000 students. All have email addresses ending at the same company name. So all employees and all students will added automatically to the same company. A small group of employees are working on the Mendix projects. We want to use the company appstore and we only want the content visible and downloadable for that small group of Mendix developers. 

Maybe you know a workaround for this? 
- Github? > No Studio Pro integration
- A seperate Mendix project with all the appstore modules in it. > No easy version control and also no Studio Pro integration. Modules will be displayed as project modules and not as appstore modules
- Any other idea??? Can we create a different company for this? Are there possiblities to create a new company? 

I really dont think we are the first one dealing with this issue...