OSX Version?

Is there, or will there be, a version of Studio Pro for OSX?
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Hi Randy,

I remember it was mentioned awhile ago that Mendix was working on an osx version of the modeler but never heard anything else on a release date. I believe the current work around is to use Parallels or vmware fusion to create a windows virtual machine. 


Hello Randy, good point! There are is at least one older idea on the idea forum about this topic. But unfortunately, currently you are only able to use the Mendix Studio natively. Maybe at a moment in the future. Maybe you want to recreate a ticket on the idea forum about so that Mendix knows that there are still users with that interest. I would support the idea with a vote  :)


Hey Austin,

Thanks for the response. I’m running a windows vm on  one of my hypervisor’s at home… which is what I installed Studio Pro on. I prefer to use apps natively in OSX, which is my preferred development platform, so hopefully they will release one in the future! For now, I’ll use that VM while I cruise through the academy. 


Have a great day!