Advanced Gantt Chart / Scheduler widget

Hey all, For a new project, we're looking for an advanced Gantt chart or resource scheduler to use in our application. I've been searching on the app store, but haven't found a working widgets that suits the description or functionality. That's why I'm wondering if anybody knows of any widgets that might be usefull or if there's someone with experience on making a widget like this before. I've also found an open source scheduler in React that we would like to use if there's no other option, but since I've got no experience with converting an existing open source application into a Mendix widget, I was wondering if there are some placed I could start working with to make some sort of “shell” for this application. Thanks for any help.
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Hi Melvin,

Does the google gant chart widget work for your requirements? I just took the test project off github and upgraded it to mx8 and it looks to be working.


Hope this helps!