Using the Excel Importer with a large data import

Hello, I’m using the Excel Importer to import a large series of data on an app, a process that will need to be repeated monthly. The Excel spreadsheet that needs to be uploaded currently has over 214,000 rows. When trying to upload this, Mendix gives the following error: Maximum call stack size exceeded Error: An error occurred while executing On click at Billing.NewBillingJob_Step4.actionButton1: Maximum call stack size exceeded   Is there a suggested method to import a large series of data that is within the maximum call stack size?
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Suggested method would be:

  • import the file into an entity that mirrors the spreadsheet columns
  • build a microflow that can be used to process the records in batches.  Use some boolean attributes and string fields to keep track of what records have been processed and were they processed successfully
  • run the microflow periodically until all records have been processed

The problem with performing data processing with Excel Importer is that you don’t have the ability to recover from errors, note the errors and continue processing.

Hope that helps,