Domain Model data in App Store Modules

Is there a way to get data in the domain model of an App Store Module to pass on when a new branch line is created? I am using the excel download module, found on the app store. When I create a template, the information is stored in the App Store domain model. When I try to create a branch line, I will have to recreate the template because the data stored in that domain model is not being based on. Is there a way to get the data to pass on as new branch lines are created? Bigger picture, we are using Azure Devops to deploy Mendix apps through various environments and I am experiencing the same issue, where I will have to recreate the template in each environment.  
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First, this has nothing to do with branch lines, but with different deployment environments.

As long as you are not deploying to production, the easiest way is to copy databases to a new environment. If that is not an option, I encounter the following approaches in my projects:

  • Certain modules come with export and import functionality,
  • The AppStore may contact extensions to other AppStore modules, which allow for exporting and importing configuration, such as this example,
  • Create XML export and import functionality yourself,
  • Create a web service or REST API to retrieve the data in a new environment,
  • Enter the information manually.