Configure SAML 2.0

How to configure SAML 2.0? Images uploaded with SAML are not matching with latest version.Even documentation mentioned with SAML is not matching with the options present with SAML 2.0. Its difficult to integrate SAML with mendix. Please provide step by step explanation for configuring SAML with sample site. Also it would be better if someone add explanation with images.
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I have created one blank app on mendix which include only Home page.

Downloaded SAML and mx model reflection.

Added SAML startup microflow in Project Setting->After startup.

Please see below configurations -

SP configurations Added as –

Constant values for below images are kept as default. i.e. index.html 


IDP configurations ->IDP Attributes tab →

IDP configurations ->Application attributes tab

IDP configurations provisionings tab→

IDP Configurations->request auth tab→


Identity provider metadata tab →i have exported sp configurations and given input to this metadata

So how to set IDP configurations, i am getting confused about this? Will you please provide step by step configuration with explanation for IDP configuration.


The documentation in the appstore is quit clear. Since SAML is an open standard it is undoable to create screenshots because it all depends with which identity provider you are connecting and how the other side did the SAML setup. So a sample site is also not possible. SAML can seem to be daunting but if you follow the steps of the documentation it is possible to create a working setup. And if you do run into problems the forum is there to help you. But we need some extra info on where you get stuck exactly.  So just try to do a setup and Edit your question with the specific problems you run into.

Good luck.