Excel Enumeration Import question

So I have been tasked with imported data from an older data entry system into a new data entry system.  Problem is I used several enumerations (Some very large) as fields in the data object. I am attempting to import older entries from a database through an excel file and have been partially successful the fields that are enumerations are blank when coming from excel.  The data entity attributes. LineName, IssueType and station are all enumerations.     The results from the import are here, as you can see the only fields left blank are the enumerations. This is an example of and entry from the excel file I am attempting to import.   I am a little confused as to how I am supposed to import an enumeration attribute through the excel import module.  Does anyone have any ideas?
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If you can reproduce the problem at will, then change the logging level for ExcelImporter to Trace to see any exceptions.

If you still cannot figure out what goes wrong, then import Excel into a staging table where each attribute is a string, and do the type conversion manually. With this approach you can execute significant amount of data validation before placing it into production table.

You can also abandon enumerations in favor of a lookup entity. I think Excel importer can populate lookup entities on the fly.