Creating of new applications based on our customized template with branding

In our company we follow some internal guidelines regarding visual design in our applications. The possibility to customize the logos , colors and the UX/UI was a part of the decesion process to use Mendix. Thats why we have spent quite some time to implement the branding into a project we call “default application template”.    In the past the user could Click on a button “New App” and an overview of various templates was shown. In the top there were always 4 Mendix Templates but on the very same page the user could see our orange templates with branding.    Now our templates are hidden down the page, so first the users must scroll to see the area “My Company” and after that the user must click on it to realize there is something behind the link.  This is very confusing and the user would simply ignor this and stay with Mendix templates and maybe only those who are explicitelly instructed would find it out and use our template.  Is there a way how to better customize what the user may/should see in the App Store or on the page that creates “New Applications” ?  Could be that i overlooked somehwere the proper settings or options? Do you have some ideas how to adjust the “template selection process”?  Looking forward for your input.          
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