Siemens MindSphere Starter Application to MindSphere

Hi Mendix friends, I want to push the  Siemens MindSphere Starter Application to MindSphere ( Academy – Build a MindSphere app with Mendix). I did everything wat the course me ask to do. I log in at siemens with powershell. 1)cf login -a --sso 2) i put the temporary password. 3)After that noting works.   I get noting after i use this at powershell : cf create-service postgresql10 postgresql-xs tutorial-db ( no target).   can anyone help me with this? Yusuf Guler
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Hi Yusuf,
are you able to execute regular cf commands? e.g. “cf apps” to see all the apps in your space? Should return an empty list in your case. If not check if you need to set a proxy. See also here: