Attachments Names in IMAP POP3 Mail Receiver Module in Menidx

I am using IMAP POP3 Mendix Module in my project . I have some pdf/word docs as attachments in mail .  With english names for the documents attached is working fine . But the attachments with arabic Name  leads some issues like below: Name of the attachment get Corrupted after mail received in my mendix project  And even doc lost its type . Is there any ways to get the docs with its name in arabic using IMAP POP3 
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Sorry Updating it late . I have fix this Issue .

Issue : As the Name of the Attachment in email is in different language ,its setting UTF-8 unicode of that particular language while setting the Name of the Attachment in EmailHandler.Java file .this is the reason the name is getting Corrupted .

I have modified the to decode the type of language and preserve same name after converting email in Mendix . Below is the Piece of code I have Added to fix this is :