Enumeration Toggle

Hi, Can anyone recommend a way of toggling through enumeration values with on click events other than using the Enum Toggle App available in the store? Or help me with the following issue: The emum toggle app is not working form. It keeps failing to find the enumeration value when opening a page, and using the enumeration not found image. I am able to toggle through the assigned enumeration when I click on the ‘enumeration not found’ image, but it keeps giving me the error ‘The value: undefined is not valid for this enumeration’. For anyone familiar with this app, I am aware that the Enum toggle is key specific; the values are spelled exactly the same (including upper-case letters).  So any suggestions are very much appreciated! Regards, Renze
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The widget is not picking up the value for the enumeration correctly, this comes back as undefined.

This value is then checked against the allowed values and as undefined is not a valid value the validation is shown.

To work around this comment the line 122 out that reads:


This is however not the solution as it seems that the widget does not update the attribute after clicking on the image.

I suggest to get in touch with the developer via the appstore.