Use the Flat File importer module together with the SFTP module

I just downloaded the  Flat File Importer Module and I was wondering if this module could be used together with the  SFTP module that we already are using. How should the flat file import directory configuration point to a directory on a configured SFTP. My requirement is to import and process a fixed flat file from an SFTP server. We already have a scheduled task in place that picks up files from an SFTP and uploads the files into an entity (ImportFile) that is a specialization of system.filedocument. From there I would like to use the FlatFile importer functionality to process the file. Any suggestions / tips?
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Use the option for the definition of the import to use the queue and not a specific directory.

So you’re almost there, make sure the file is downloaded from the FTP into the quque entity of the FFI module and then start the import. For an example on how to do this see the Test Execution button on the configuration page of the module.