Page not found Deeplink

Hi everyone, I am using Deep Link and Email module from the app store. Everything was working fine. After an specific action by the user, he received an email including a link to a dataview in a page. This worked fine both locally and on the cloud. But since an upgrade from mendix 8.4.2 to 8.6.2, we get an error. By click on the link, user receives the message: Page not found 404. Any help is appreciated
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There are few things to check. 

  1. Do you have an After Startup microflow, and if you do, does it call StartDeeplink?
  2. Have you set your Default Home page to call a microflow that calls DeepLinkHome? This should return true or false. If true it needs to go straight to an endpoint, if false it carries on to show your homepage.
  3. Does the deeplink itself exist in the database? Check in the admin system that the endpoint exists.
  4. Add a breakpoint in deeplink microflow you expect to be called and single step through from the broken link.

Hope these give you a few things to try and help you resolve the problem. Good luck!