Back Button while navigating in the pagination in Template grid

Hello I have a template grid has multiple requests while I'm navigating from page 1 -> page 2 -> page 3, now I'm in page 3 from the template grid I clicked on one of the requests and then I clicked on a "Back Button" I have it in the same page it took me back to page 1 as it's behaviour is "close page".    What I need is when I get into the request in page 3 and hit back take me back to page 3 not page 1. Any idea??  
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Not sure if I understand you correctly. A template grid doesn't have pages like you describe.

If you have a wizard like behaviour. Navigating through multiple pages then it all about the behavior of how you modelled the navigation between the pages.


In general, mendix is a web app, thus if you navigate from one page to another, these pages are stach upon each other. So when you close a opened page (or browser back), you automatically will end-up in the previous opened page. 


In the situation of a Wizard, that's something you don't want. 

My advise is when navigating within a Wizard, always close the previous page, before opening the next one. Which also requires that when you want to have buttons to navigate to a previous step, these buttons should close the previous page and REOPEN the page of the previous step.

This requires you to control this behaviour yourself in the model.


Hope this answers your question. If its not about a wizard setup, you need to give a bit more insight in what you are actually trying to achieve.