Device going into sleep mode when app is performing a Sync

Hi all,   I have an issue when a user is doing a sync from the server to their device [downloading a list], the app presents a message saying "Downloading List" and gives the spinning wheel.     If the user lets the device go into sleep mode / screen timeouts, then unlocks their device the app its still showing the "Downloading List" messages and it either never finishes or takes an age.    More often than not the user has to force quit the app and re-start, and not let the device go into sleep mode.   The data being sync'd to the device normally takes less than 1 min if the device stays on.   Other than changing the screen timeout or taping the screen to keep the device awake is there anything I can do within Mendix?    
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I think it's probably better to inform the user to not close the app or let it go to sleep when a lengthy sync is taking place than to implement some sort of keep awake function to override the system settings.


However, if you really want to keep the app awake, check out this widget by Marcel Groeneweg, or create your own solution based on react-native-keep-awake.