Is it possible for administrators to dynamically add new text input fields from the front end interface in Mendix?

Hello everyone,   I'm currently working on a project where users need the flexibility to choose which fields they want to include in a form directly from the front end. For instance, let's consider a scenario where there are 10 attributes (text fields) available. Initially, the user might want to utilize only 8 of them, but in the future, they might wish to incorporate 9 or 10, or even reduce it to 4-5 based on evolving requirements.   Could anyone provide insights or suggestions on implementing this functionality using Mendix?   Thanks in advance.
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There is a Questionnaire Module which allows for configurable forms to be created from the UI. 

This would satisfy your use case, however if you need the data entered in the form to be used elsewhere in the application you'll need to get creative.