Issue with Login to Mendix Application

/file?guid=19703248379341947   Hi Team,   We are getting this error and unable to log into Mendix " mendix unexpected character encountered while parsing".   However we are able to log in from web URL.   Kindly advise a solution
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For everyone who's having trouble opening the image in the post above, this is the image:




As for a solution: I downloaded 9.4.0 and am not getting the same issue. Some things to try:


  • If you are using a VPN, try loggin in without it to see if that works
  • Make sure your firewall isn't blocking anything while you're logging in
  • If Mendix Studio Pro is installed on a network drive like OneDrive, try installing it on a local drive instead


If none of these work, please let us know and we can try to help you with other solutions :)