Recall Sent Emails.

Hi everyone,   1. With the Email_connector module can we recall the email that is already sent(unsent) as we do in OUTLOOK. 2. If yes, can we also recall the emails with attachments
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No, but it might take a while (depending on your scheduled event) before the email is actual sent. So as long is the email is in the queue you could still remove it from the queue list. Or you could even create your own status for a fixed time before you put the mail in the queue so a user can retract it's message in that time.





Ideally RECALL means it is sent already and may not have been UNREAD, hence can be recalled.

but your comments to other question seems you are just "faking" that an email is sent but actually it is still inside mendix walls. 

Does that really make it "RECALLING" as per your business rules? 


As far as the delay is concerned yes you can do that in various ways.


Check the usages of Send Email Java action in the Email Connector Module. You are bound to find a MF which calls this Java Action Activity. In that MF, just before the email gets sent, you can do your Intentional delays.


Good luck