Make an ID based on selecting checkboxes (Yes/No) of 5 attributes

Hello everyone,   I'm having a requirement with generating an ID based on user selections from checkboxes, each representing a yes or no option.   There are 10 attributes available. If the user selects 'Yes' for 2 attributes, the ID will concatenate those 2 chosen attributes.   For instance, let's consider the attributes 'Material' and 'Material Type'. If the user enters the values 'HP' and 'Laptop' respectively, and selects the checkboxes for both attributes, the resulting ID would be 'HPLaptop'.     Is there a better way to do the above method cause there are many attributes to select from?   Thanks in advance
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Hi Yogheswar,

You can create a new attribute for the concatenated string and then, 

either you can call a microflow on the save button, or you can create a calculated attribute,

In the microflow,

Create a String variable and then,

you have to check each boolean attribute one-by-one and then based on their values, you have to change the string Variable according to what you want.

Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!