Matching a number to a description

Morning All,   I have a question which I'm sure must be possible,   Were currently checking 20,000 stock items in our warehouse, we have developed an app in Mendix 9.24.16 which the operator can scan the location in the ware house i.e. A1 then scan an item in that location.   My issue is once the operator scans the first item he has to then scan the location again before scanning the next item and so on until the location is complete when he moves to the next.   What I would like to do is put some logic in that identifies when the location changes i.e. A1 to A2 so the operator scans A1 then all items in that location, when he scans A2 it knows its moved to the next location and he can scan all items their making it a slicker process. 
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Hi Stephen, 

can you share the image of your domain model?

Maybe you can have an association something like..


Location 1-* Product


THis way, for each location, you can have all the products, and then you can move to next location.

Maybe this can help