How can I get text fields values into a string?

Hello everyone,   I'm currently working on a scenario where users input an equation consisting of attributes (let's call them M1, M2, and M3), and then the system fetches corresponding values from text fields as shown below. For example, if the equation is something like M1 * M2 * M3, and the values provided are M1 = 50, M2 = 80, and M3 = 1, how can I dynamically translate this equation into a format that computes the result, in this case, (50 * 80 * 1)?   I'm looking for a solution that efficiently handles such dynamic equations and their associated values from user input.  
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Hi Yogeshwar,

You can create another calculated attribute, say 'TotalM', that will calculate attributes like.. 

$YourEntity/M1 * $YourEntity/M2 * $YourEntity/M3

Hope this helps!

Let me know, if you any issues!