How can I realize each user can only see his own department data in one entity

Dear Communities   We have a few departments, everyone who in different department can create a record in an entity, my goal is how can I realize that the user can only see his own department record in one overview page, please help thank you.   Best regards Li Dong
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Hi Dong Li,

Please Follow the below steps to achieve 

  1. Data Model Setup:

    • Create an entity (let’s call it Record) that represents the records users can create.
    • Add an attribute to the Record entity to store the department information (e.g., Department).
    • Create a relationship between the Record entity and the user entity (e.g., User).
  2. Microflow to Retrieve User’s Department:

    • Create a microflow that retrieves the current user’s department based on their login.
    • You can use the GetCurrentUser function to get the current user and then retrieve their department.
  3. Overview Page Configuration:

    • Create an overview page for the Record entity.
    • Add a data grid to display the records.
    • Set the data source of the data grid to a microflow that filters records based on the user’s department.
    • In the microflow, retrieve records where the Department attribute matches the user’s department.
  4. Security Rules (Optional):

    • If you want to enforce security at the entity level, you can set up access rules.
    • For example, you can create an access rule that allows users to read records only if their department matches the record’s department.

Remember to adjust the specifics based on your data model and requirements. Good luck! 😊.


Hi Dong LI


1. Go to Department Entity and check owner 

2. Go to Access rules tab and select owner or write X path like [System.owner='[%CurrentUser%]']

3.  Please follow below images 





I Hope It will Help You !


Thank you 

K. Ravi Kumar