Unable to store Excel row #2 @Sheet #0 getting this error while importing rows into mendix app

Hello Everyone, I am trying to import excel file with one row, But I am getting Unable to store Excel row #2 @Sheet #0 this error. Can anyone help me?    
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Hi Madhura, to better Imagine your error, I tried giving sample data in Excel and performed Excel import. For the below attached excel sample data


For this sample data, when performed excel import with setting your properties in "Edit Template" Page like below


When proving the sample excel data and settings in--> edit template page as above attached, I am getting an error just like you. 


To solve this error, you could adjust your Excel file or just fill the settings in "Edit template" page accordingly to the data in excel file. For example, for the above attached sample excel file, by setting the properties in --> Edit template page to as mentioned below will successfully import your data.




I hope I made sense in some form and helped you understand, Please feel free to respond here If you want an even more clear response or having any trouble further in this.