ODATA connection failed from server

Hi all,   I'm tryinf to setup an Odata connection. When running on localhost it's working without problems to access the data in excel. But when trying to connect to to server odata connection i'm getting that error:
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Hi, @Nico Lehmann


  • Check the URL: Ensure that the URL you use to connect to the OData service is correct and points to the correct endpoint. Sometimes, incorrect URLs can lead to HTML responses, such as error pages.

  • Service Availability: Verify that the OData service is running and accessible. You can test the service endpoint using a web browser or a tool like Postman to see if you get the expected XML response.

  • Authentication: If your OData service requires authentication, ensure that you have provided the correct credentials. An authentication failure can sometimes result in an HTML error page.

  • Server Configuration: Ensure that the server hosting the OData service is correctly configured to return the appropriate MIME type (application/xml) for OData responses.

  • Network Issues: Check for any network issues that might be affecting the connection between your client (Excel) and the server hosting the OData service.