Easiest way to learn Microflow

Hello team ,   I am beginner in mendix, so please anyone suggest me ,how and where I learn mendix logic building and regarding of  Microflow.
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Hey Barkha!

I would recommend you to do the Rapid developer learning path from the academy. There you will find an explanation about that topic.

Here you have a link to that specific part: https://academy.mendix.com/link/modules/92/lectures/4791/6.2-Microflows,-Nanoflows,-Workflows


Apart from that, you can find more info in the documentation




Hope this helps you!


Hi Barkha,

Mendix offers several courses and learning paths where you can learn how to use the platform. You can start the Crash course and Become a Rapid Developer module.


Crash Course: Mendix Academy - Crash Course

Become a Rapid Developer: Mendix Academy - Become a Rapid Developer


In the academy there are learning paths for different levels of learning and you can advance as you feel comfortable.

If you want to see some video tutorials, you can also check out the MendixWithMe channel, which provides videos of features that are usually updated in most projects 


MendixWithMe channel: https://www.youtube.com/@MendixWithMe


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Ricardo Pereira


Yes, Rapid developer path is great for a beginner