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Published rest services: Document HttpResponses


The current swagger documentation for published rest services contains a lot of undocumented responses:

example of undocumented response codes

I need customers to feel comfortable with Mendix based public API's. To do that, I need to provide quality documentation where all response codes in Mendix services are documented.

Perhaps it would be good to add a description field to HttpResponse objects in microflows and use this description in the Swagger.json for that published REST service?

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That's a good idea. You should be able to document error responses.

But that documentation is static - even without calling the service a client should be able to see the documentation of the different possible error codes. So adding it to the HttpResponse object wouldn't work.


If you want to publish REST services or use the data synchronization features, add IVK_OpenServiceOverview to your main navigation if you want to use the administrative features of the RestServices module. Make sure to map your administrative project role to the Administrator role in the RestServices module as well.

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