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Show Documentation in microflow call action properties


As a programmer I would like to have access to the microflow documentation when viewing the properties of the action 'call microflow' so that I can quickly understand the function of a microflow without having to open the microflow itself.

Currently there already is a properties attribute 'Documentation' in every microflow, but it is relatively small and cannot be seen outside the actual microflow. Because of this, it is underused in my team. Annotations are being used for this purpose instead. Other programming languages use for example html documentation to describe functionality which can be read when using the function being described without actually having to view the code itself. 

Showing the documentation attribute in the 'call microflow' action properties will help clean the microflows by not being tempted to use general annotations anymore. It will increase the speed at which I can develop by providing useful information without having to go through the sub microflows. 

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Great idea!

Also, each parameter has a documentation section.
It has focus by default when editing a parameter, so we all fill that, right? 
Making that documentation visible at the microflow call activity would be great too.



We resort to annotations instead of documenation, but perhaps a tip, the documentation has a tab of its own so you can see more then just the line in the ‘properties’ tab..


Bring the documentation more upfront as well in other places in Mendix where now it is hidden in a tab ‘Public documentation’. For instance in the Published Rest Service and in the Message Definition.