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Improve Validation Microflows


If i do validations with a microflow I have to do something like  create boolean variable isValid = true then I have a series of checks like is field not empty followed by a split. iIn case of invalid data I have to add a Validation message and also set the boolean variable isValid to false. Imageine that I am doing this for 10 fields, not just one field!


The Idea is to reduce the numer of Actions necessary for such an Validation flow so that ist more compact, easier to create, read and understand. If i can avoid the creation an Setting of the variable is valid  this would remove roughly 30% of the Actions!

The idea is to relace the final check of the boolean variable isValid with a check areThereAnyValidationMessages? – this means I need a way to find out if there are any Validation Messages.

So my suggestion boils  down to the requiremt to introduce a function to find out if any validationmessages were raised in the microflow.

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