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The following is in place now: when showing a Page from a microflow, the transaction stops. In many situations this is desired. However in some cases it would be nice if a microflow does not have to be split up into two parts if a Page is introduced in the middle. When there is a high pace of changing user requirements, it would be nice to not have to reorganize microflows completely if the user wants an additional popup..

In short, we would like to have:

Wait functionality (asynchronous behavior) in microflows. Basically keep the transaction open or on hold, so that it can be triggered into a resume. And;

Be able to continue a microflow where it left off from a Page. Capture the answer from the user from the Page and pass it back to the microflow. So when user gets the choices “Yes” and “No” for instance, then Go back to the microflow, with the answer of the user in cache.



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Hi Eric,

i have some similar situation where i want to use the barcode scanner (in a native app) as a “module” which can be called via a nanoflow action. 

My solution (see below) is a ugly workaround but it fulfills my purposes.

The nanoflow opens a page which contains the barcode scanner and cancel button and handles the events in separate nanoflows (barcode scanned, cancel button pressed).




Is this the same thing?


I understand your point. If this is the principle of Mendix, then there is only one thing to do and to accept this. But understand my perspective;

It is only "simple” when the situation is as you describe. But picture a situation where you have multiple micro-flows and possible pages to display. If a page is just to confirm something and this needs to be moved, the whole chain needs to be revised, if there is no way around this, then fine, but it can still be annoying, a simple functional change resulting in a complete redesign of the flow..


You can simply build this with 2 microflows and a page, what is the advantage of the above solution? It goes against all Mendix logic. Also what would happen if no answer is ever put into the microflow?