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Extend the data import functionality



Creating a separate import logic for excel files that need to be imported to a domain model with more than 1 depth entities is time consuming. It would be nice if it would be possible to support at least 3-4 levels.

The way how the mapping is done can also be improved. Running Model Reflection, then creating a mapping per field is time consuming. It would be nice if the following could work:

- Import an excel sheet to the application and list the columns automatically

- Show a data-mapper where you show the excel attribute on the left and the Mendix attribute on the right.

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I would even suggest improving the ease of importing the data. No longer needing import-templates and Modelreflection.

How? Like this: currently, Mendix can create an App-from-spreadsheet. It generates one entity per worksheet name, including making an association. All that needs to get added to that process is “if the entity exists: use entity, else create entity”.



Hey Erik,

I have a question on the data import (keep in mind i am super new to this stuff lol). I imported a bunch of data into the system and not sure where it is now. Would  you happen to know how I can go back and retrieve it so I can use it on my pages?