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Decision tables for Microflows


Maybe some of you know decision table as business rule table. They are standardized in DMN 1.1 and normally used within BPMN Suites.

In my opinion Microflows have a proximity to BPMN so, maybe it is possible to call a decision table with a Microflow activity. Currently you have to model many decisions and activities if you want to represent a business rule and this is related to a low clarity . With an activity “Decision Table” you only model the table! You use variable/attribute values as input, the decision table is processed and the output variables/attributes are defined customly. On the one hand it would increase the clarity of business rules in Mendix and on the other hand it decreases the quantity of microflow actions what is related with a better performance.

Please let me know, if you think this would be a useful Microflow activity.


Many Thanks in Advance!



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Great idea. This gets more logic-management into Mendix, without having to add code.

This decision table example of a “printer troubleshooter” has a javascript implementation ( so it should be possible to create a nanoflow for this.