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Covert a Microflow to a Nanoflow automatically in the Studio


With the massive boost in Nanoflow functionality from Mx 8, like XPath queries, list operations, and most recently using Sub nanoflows, I know I’ll want to turn a lot of microflows into nanos now that they’re more versatile when I migrate apps across from 7.

Right now, my process is CTRL+A CTRL+C in a Micro, rename the Micro to ACT_FlowName_Old, make a new Nano with ACT_FlowName, paste the contents of the Micro in, check for any errors, replace all usages of the Micro, test the new Nano, then delete the old Micro.

I would find it really useful if I could right-click on a Microflow in the explorer, and click “Convert to Nanoflow”, and it would use Mendix magic to convert it in-place, replacing all usages – or returning an error message in the case it has usages that can’t be replaced (e.g. widgets that dont support nanos yet) or a message if any of the flow functionality isn’t supported by Nanos yet.

(Behold my artist’s interpretation)

Would anyone else find this useful?

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This is very similar to an idea I posted a while back. Though I also suggested this should be linked to MxAssist Performance suggestions to convert from microflow to nanoflow. Actually it seems like this has been suggested a few times by different people, so definitely gets an upvote


Yes please!


Yes! It does occur both ways so I would like to see the option to convert to a microflow as well.

It is always a little bit of hassle to copy all actions, create a new micro-/nanoflow, copy the older documents name, then delete it to finally rename the new document