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Mark microflows or nanoflows as private


I would like to have the possibility to mark microflows and nanoflows as private. Thus they getting not shown, or shown as marked as private in the select microflow/nanoflow menu. 

Let’s imagine you build a module containig 200 microflows. If the module´is reused in other apps, you build 15 microflows which are meant for beeing used outside of the module. Of course you can describe that in the doumentation, but it should be possible to set this up technically as well. Similar to public/private functions in java.

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It is especially to limit the shown micorflows if you are in a select microflow dialog. Thus modules can be shared through the appstore, other users might not be aware of the naming conventions we are using.


@Marnix Valentijn Puijker: It is just a convenience function to not have to do something like you’ve described. 
Private microflows should not show up in suggestions and in other Modules. I imagine something like they can only be used in the Module they are created in. 


So what is the added functionality here? Because this seems like an issue easily resolved by structuring your app modules properly? And using naming conventions among your developers to distinguish properly? Also how can nanoflows become private, they are JavaScript that runs in client?

Views – Contains nanoflows and microflows used by users to interact with the app. And pages to view the data.

API – Contains mappings / logic to manipulate API data sent and received and the JSON messages in non-persistent format.

Data – Contains just the data model and optionally before create / before delete shizzle

Logic – Contains microflows for processing data and re-usable by other modules etc, if you want to you can split these into **Private and *Public folders, and if your developers still struggle to then go into private for selection of the microflows in private, they better know what they are doing.