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getCaption function with language selection


We are working with English and French language and we are running into an issue where a person logs in English or French. When a microflow runs using the ‘getCaption’ function; it will only return based on current user language. It would be nice to have an override option such as ‘getCaption(xxx, language)’ so we can retrieve the data in whatever language required. 


Instead we need to do the following as a workaround: 

if $IteratorLogLine/Day = DM160_RSMC_LogSheets.DaysOfWeek.Monday then
'Lundi mise à jour. '

else if $IteratorLogLine/Day = DM160_RSMC_LogSheets.DaysOfWeek.Tuesday then
'Mardi mise à jour. '


That isn’t too bad when we have 5-10 items, but when we have 10+, it becomes problematic. 


Thanks much. 

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Thanks Andries, we currently doing that, but I still feel this should already be part of the modeler. 


Hi Joe,

You could probably build a JavaAction for this, all information should be available there.

Cheers, Andries