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Dynamic page variables.


Allow executing a microflow or nanoflow on a page to create variables for the page.  Some ideas include:

  1. An “OnBeforePageLoad” MF/NF page event in which all variables in the MF/NF are transferred to the page, and made available for expressions – including vales passed to XPath expressions for widgets.
  2. An “OnBeforePageLoad” MF/NF page event which is passed the page context object for updating.  This is very useful, as it prevents forcing people to call MF to set up pages just to open them.  Many times I have dozens of MFs calling another MF when all I want is to open the page – the page should be able to handle itself! 
  3. Special “variable” widgets that are run at the beginning (before the page renders) and make their values available to expressions. They can either A) execute dynamic expressions, or B) call a MF that returns a value.


This request may be related to this one: https://community.mendix.com/link/ideas/1363

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