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Sort using input variables


Sorting based on input variables:

-list type, instead of specific list

-attribute selection with Xpath based on input variable ‘atttibute’ (if x then a, or mapping)

-order based on input variable

At the moment, sorting lists is only possible by selecting a list, then an attribute, and then the order: descending ascending. What if one needs to build custom sorting for a data grid: I had 19 attributes, that all had to be sorted ascending and descending, for four different lists. Ouch. I had to program these manually in Mendix – no input attribute, or eg Xcode that allows logical selection based on an input variable. Also, descending/ascending had to be manually selected – missing an input variable here as well. That would have saved me: 19*2*4-1=151 options. 

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Hey, did you got any solution to this problem?