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Ability to use TextTemplate as MF/Javascript action parameter


In certain MF activities (e.g. logging and dialogs), native widgets and also in pluggable widgets we have the option to use the so-called TextTemplate property/parameter. 

It would be awesome if this becomes available for microflow and Javascript action parameters.

Right now we can still do this but it comes at a price and a lot of overhead. The actual input passed to the MF/javascript action would be a string that already has the parameters of the TextTemplate parsed.


Edited: Removed the request for java actions as Ivan pointed out that already exists.

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I believe it was originally introduced in 8.5 with bunch of extra features down the line:


Hi Ivan, Thank you for pointing that out, I noticed it is new to Mx 8, would you know which release this came with?


Hi Mitchel,

Mendix already provides this feature for Java actions. See: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/java-actions#string-template-type


Thank you Andreis, I did see the other ideas pass by when checking if anyone already thought of my request.

Extending the possibilities for parameters on MF/NF/widgets/java actions would be awesome. I noticed that the pluggable widgets are already an improvement in that area.


Nice one feature request!


It would fit into larger goals; to see the combination of all possible parameters of the Actions and Pluggable widget merge. 

Including; Optional parameters for actions, Including default values.