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Pass identifier to microflow/nanoflow


When working in the UI, you call a microflow for example to filterdown a reference selector. 

It would be nice to know where the microflow is being called from.

In my example I have 8 reference selectors with 8 microflows just to filter down each association. If I knew what reference selector it was coming from I could use just one microflow.

I have the same issue in another example where I track how many people are in a list in order to determine if I should show the reference selector or the user in an input.

As an example. If I name my reference selector the same as my associative path (“email_finance”) as an example, I could then in theory tell it to set the path to “MyFirstModule.email_finance” and set the association.


On this topic it would also be nice to be able to set the assocaition of an object by using a string. 

In change object I have to select “MyFirstModule.email_finance” then set the value. In the example above I could change object by saying selectedProperty = “MyFirstModule.”+$eventId, then set the value to the associative object.

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