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Commenting out or temporarily disabling Microflow Components feature


A feature to comment out the activity or any component inside a microflow would be really useful. It would be similar to commenting out any block of code or logic in a code editor like eclipse.

Currently: I need to create copies of microflow for every test change in logic I need to make in a microflow. But this is time consuming. Hence commenting out  or temporarily disabling a component inside a microflow would be really great.

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What a great idea!! I found myself wanting to do that today as well, especially when I was trying out different microflow options and possibilities to craft a solution.

The only way to do this at the moment in Mendix, I believe, is as follows (my way of doing it):

  • Duplicate your orginal microflow.
  • Right-click on the duplicate and click “Exclude From Project”.
  • Continue working on the original microflow in whatever way you like. This way you don’t have to re-assign the new one to all processes it is being called from in order to test a different solution.
  • If your new solutions doesn’t work for you, you can always delete the original microflow and rename the second one to the original one in order to put things back to the previous state.


I think most people already know this, but I thought I share it anyway. Hope Mendix dev. team comes with the functionality to comment out microflows inside the editor as it saves a lot of time and effort.




Requested the same functionality a while ago; as it’s indeed similar to commenting out blocks of code, should be doable, right? Error checking could be left in tact (if you comment out the creation of a variable that’s used after the commented out section, you would also get an error in code).

I usually need this when I’m either still working on a flow but need to test some other part of the code first or I need a copy of a change object to quickly check behavior instead of duplicating an entire microflow to keep the original.