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Microflow modeling - Magnetic mode


In nearly all cases where I drop an action into a microflow, or move an existing action, I am forced to precisely make sure not to create a curved line by moving the middle of the action to the current line. This is a waste of time and an inconvenience.

In the Modeler I would like to have the option to toggle between two microflow modes: [~] and [-], maybe next to the zoom button?

[~] ‘Flow mode’ - Just the way it is (I see no changes, wake up in the morning..)



[-] ‘Magnetic mode’ - Things will never be the same (that’s just the way it is, oh yeah)

Whenever an action is dropped onto a straight horizontal or vertical line, it will snap to it, keeping the straight line intact.

The same goes for moving existing actions which are attached to a straight line, they will not create a bend in the line unless moved far enough.

Bonus: Add a sensitivity option where you can set how far the magnetism reaches.

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Yeah! Similar to this idea, but better described ;)