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Debug microflows / change variables during debugging


Like in Eclipse

I would be very useful to

- be able to test a microflow in Studio Pro by right clicking it, manually adding (loading) data it requires and see the output.

- change variables during debugging to steer to the scenario that you like to analyze

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This is still a very important idea, one that could save a significant amount of development time. Did Mendix respond to this idea?


Voted. Additional suggestions for the Debugger:

  • Watch window/tab (with ability to monitor values for multiple vars defined during debug session)
  • Ability to inspect values of nested/associated entities (currently you only can see ref info and cannot resolve it to the referenced entity)
  • Currently Debugger actions (Step into/over/out; Continue) switch active tab to Debugger so I always have to manually come back to Variables tab when monitoring a var/entity value step by step. Quite irritating.

I would also think that debugging without running the application would be useful.


Current Situation in Mendix Pro:

-To Debug a new Microflow I need to link the microflow somewhere in the application, which creates unnecessary effort to -for example- create a button and link the Microflow, just to debug it.

- Also this often creates unnecessary elements in the application, that were only implemented for debugging/testing. This makes debugging a time consuming and error prone activity.



-Option to debug a microflow, without starting the application. "Run Microflow"-Button

-Option to manually select Input Parameters for the microflow (either by manual entry or by selecting an element from the database).

-Option to debug a microflow by replaying past inputs from the last run of this microflow