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MX9 Task Queue improvements



Think there are at least 2 improvements which will help a lot of developers:

  1. Implement a sleep when there is no result. At this moment, the task queue is really doing a lot of retrieves on the database when there are no tasks. If there is no task to retrieve, the thread can be in sleep for a configurable time. For example 1 second. Would be nice to add this property to the task queue configuration screen. 
  2. Implement a way a specific task queue can be stopped in the runtime. For example when you do not want to execute a certain task in a specific time. Just a button to start/stop the task queue would be nice. 


Please feel free to add more improvements in the reactions.

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These are certainly useful additions to the task queue. Also useful: a retry mechanism. And having a delay. The delay could be seconds, minutes or even hours. For instance if the task calls an external system that might be down for a while.