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Provide option to handle remaining enumeration values on exclusive split


I know that with the exclusive split we can handle multiple enumeration values with a common action, but with large enumerations, the microflow can become messy and unreadable. If there are multiple values that are either handled in a common way or can just be ignored, it would be nice to have a "remaining values" option available after we've handled the necessary enumeration values in the microflow.

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So this was confirmed as part of the roadmap 3 years ago, any update on it?


Andrej's comment were exactly my thoughts. In Java this is easy.

It would be nice if you could mark one of the value flows as default, in a similar way you can set a flow as error handler (when using custom error handling).


If you like this idea (I do), you will also like this one


Instead of

You will get this:


Regardless of the chosen approach, a similar one needs to be set for the Inheritance split


Great idea!

But it should be an option somehow. I still want an error when changing an enumeration that is used on an exclusive split.

Maybe the outgoing flow should be able to hold more then 1 option, with a select screen similar to the conditional visibility selection. And off course avoiding duplicates.

  setColor(Color c) {
     switch(c) {
        case RED: setColorHex("#F00"); return;
        case GREEN: setColorHex("#0F0"); return;
        default: return; //does nothing

The default statement is common in many languages see the example in java.  Very easy to use and convenient.

Any plans to implement this @Mendix?




Same problem with large enumeration values. the code is messy at the end...