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Attributes automatic mapping


Often I define non-persistable entities as helpers with subsets of attributes of a persistable one.

It is tedious in a microflow to create the Non-perishable and manually coping all the attribute references (especially when you need to handle dozen of them). 
It would be helpful to automate the mapping (the name of the attributes are often equal) similarly to what is implemented for import-export mapping.

Clearly, the advantage of this automatic mapping is not limited to the previous described use case.

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I’ll try. Thank you for the suggestion. 


I skipped this option previously for two reasons:

1) I understood that you can clone an object, not mapping attributes from one Entity to an Other.
2) This is a runtime option.




I’ve read somewhere that the Clone action from the ObjectHandling module works with the attribute names regardsless of whether they belong to the same entity. Have you tried that?