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Start microflow asynchronous from nanoflow


When starting a microflow (MF) from a button there is the option to run microflow asynchronously. In this case the microflow is triggered with one server HTTP request and the completion of the MF is waited for by polling the server. When combined with the “blocking” option of the button, the MF is called virually synchronous (the blocking ands when polling indicated that MF execution on server completed), even if the technical HTTP calls are asynchronously.


When calling a nanoflow (NF) from abutton, the asynchronous option is not avaiable (because no server roundtrip is done for a NF call). But is the NF now needs to call a MF on the server, this MF call is always done synchronously which may result in a timeout of the server connection if the MF takes some time to execute (as in our use-case) .


The ofenten proposed usage of java action or task queues on the server are not in options in our use-case (result of MF execution needs to be waited for and has impact on futher execution of the NF).


So it would be very helpfull if the “StartMicroflow” nanoflow action would allow to specify an option to call tge MF asynchronously and poll for the MF results similar to the logig that happen on the CallMiroflow button action. As to my understanding, this asynchronous/polling behaviour is implemented on the client, it should be easy to use the same code for the StartMiroflow action of nanoflows.

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Any response from Mendix on this request ?