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Accelerate development with Logic blocks


When creating a new page, we can choose from templates. Or when we are working in the page editor, we can add building blocks to accelerate development. But when it comes down to logic, we do not have the same options although there are templates in the platform for instance, just a new microflow looks like this:

Or a microflow for a delete action of a datahub resource looks like this:



So there are already templates available, but let is create these templates ourselves which we can use when we are going to create a new microflow like this:

Or when you are within a microflow, you can do the same like:

You can maintain these templates yourselves, just like you can do with page templates or UI building blocks. This way, you can provide people with templates or patterns that are commonly used instead of having to create them yourselves each time. This can work for microflows as well as for nanoflows. 

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Yes this would be a great update!

We can enable the development team to use construction blocks that are reviewed for best practices and company standards (names e.g.). Easy example is the validations flows used in Save button processing.

Also these will not only make it easier to build new code but also to redesign older code.


This would be very useful to implement design patterns! I immediately thought of a template for webservice calls, with all the logging included.