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List operations with custom attribute


If list operations like intersect, subtract, contains and equals could have option that determines how the comparison is done. Either whole object itself or some custom field(s) of the object like customId or some other key field.

That would make this tool so much more powerful.

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This would be such a great feature! Especially when subtracting/intersecting/etc non-persistable entities. If doing so now the lists never equal each other, even though the elements have the same field values and just differ by their internal ID.


@Mendix Support, any chance getting this any soon?


In my case I don’t think so. I needed to make sure that all the objects in the list had unique key. In db they only need to be unique group wise but in some cases I have to merge them together and then validate that there is no duplicates.

I know they are all different objects. Thats why if I could just add the custom attribute that determines the uniqueness and additionally it would be usable on generic list instead of building custom logic for every object… Anyway I already made an Java action for this case :)


Can’t you achieve this with the existing Filter/Find list operations?